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An online signed waiver is required for all participants.  

All parties include

  • 1.5 hours of play and instruction

  • Rental of bunkers, blasters/bows, ammo/arrows, and safety glasses/masks


We can accommodate group sizes of 8 or 16 participants at once.  Expecting a bigger crowd? No worries, we can rotate players in. 

Choose between 4' castle bunkers designed with younger children in mind or inflatable bunkers that the pro paintballers use. 


Pick your equipment 

  • Nerf Elite blasters for younger children (Baby Duck Packages)

  • Nerf Rival blasters, 5 round, for older children (Mama Duck Packages)

  • Nerf Rival mixed blasters, 5 round to 60 round (Papa Duck Packages)

  • 20 lb recurve bow with foam tipped arrows  (King Duck Packages)

We will arrive 30 to 45 minutes early to set up,  and stay an hour late to take down.

Click here for games.

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